Monday, 19 January 2009


A whole week ( well 5 days) of distraction free reading last week. I hired a little house/cabin in Wales with no Internet access and an intermittent mobile phone signal to allow myself time to absorb some of the material I am reading. The first day was beautiful sunshine and I managed to take a lunchtime break and walk down to the estuary. The setting is a hillside above Dylan Thomas's boathouse. He apparently got his inspiration for 'Milkwood' there and I can see why anyone would be inspired (see photo of view from window). The remaining days saw gale force winds and rain lashing against the windows but the cabin was warm, I had a well stocked fridge and and a well stocked library.

I spent much of the time reading around Tom Wengraphs work on narrative biographical methods and more generally narrative work within nursing. In using this method I will be seeking the stories of 'ordinary' learning disability nurses around their lives and careers. More reading this week and am sticking to reading around methods.

Will keep you informed


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