Friday, 18 April 2014

Time to write.

Being a part time PhD student is a challenge when trying to juggle a demanding full time job and a life but finding 'pockets' of time always feels like a bonus and the Easter break is one of these. 5 full days to write and think and write ..... heaven ! 

For me it's not only been time over the last 6 years but also space, physically and in my life. In six years lots happens and so far I have been a single parent, waved a son off to Afghanistan for 6 months, met my husband and married, welcomed a son back, sent him off again to live in Australia and moved my daughter to Wales. Life doesn't stop for your PhD you have to work around it.  Friends soon recognise the 'gaps' you have in time and good friends know what to fill those gaps with. 
Connections via social media have developed for me over the past 6 years too, supportive forums, Facebook, Twitter have all had their place in cheering me on. 

So I'm in the writing phase and all that means ..... well all my empirical research is done! chapters have been drafted and it's re write time for some. 

So the light at the end of the tunnel is in clear view now and I just keep moving slowly towards it, allowing life to be good along the way. 
Nicky x


  1. It's been a pleasure to be part of this process, supporting when I could, and scolding when necessary. I feel invested in it.

    1. Kip you have been one of my shining stars and your work has inspired throughout.