Wednesday, 14 November 2012

7 weeks of research leave. April/May 12

Early April through May saw 7 weeks of analysis and writing of findings chapters.  Findings for this study have been arranged into three main theme areas around becoming a nurse, on being and on making a difference. The method used to analyse meant the development of initial themes then case studies then a more detailed analysis of the themes. The findings of course will be shared when the full thesis is written.
A key challenge throughout 7 weeks of leave was maintaining motivation and ignoring distractions. The library has always been a difficult place for me to study as the noise levels are distracting but also I am the type of 'study bod' who, likes to spread out their work and not keep putting it away. a further challenge for me is being at home as years of being a mum and wife or partner has conditioned me to 'look for' jobs. And to be honest when the procrastination fairy arrives even the ironing looks appealing. So the answer came in a spare bedroom being converted to a study in my parents house so the day became more like a working day without the distractions. It's a luxury to have 7 weeks of full time work on the study as a part time student so I wanted to be sure I made the most of it.  After 7 weeks I had three draft chapters of the findings and a good grip on what needed to be achieved next.

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