Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Doesn't time fly?? My annual review!

Its a while since I added a blog entry and I am not sure where the time is going. It is almost a year now since I enrolled for my PhD and the time has just flown by.

I have been preparing material for my ethics committee application and have put together a research proposal and completed the participant information sheet in draft for comment by my supervisory team. I also discussed my application with a colleague who has experience of the workings of the ethics committee who gave me some great tips for my application.

I am also becoming more familiar with the Biographic Narrative Interpretive Method and getting a feel for just how this will work within my research. I am using the method to structure my interviews and adapting the model for the analysis phase. I feel confident that this will meet my aims and avoid the complexities of the analysis tool that are not necessarily required for this study. Tom Wengraph has produced not only a text book that is complemented by his 'manual and guide' to using the method but also offers those researchers who are self taught in the method the opportunity to send him initial practice interview transcripts for review.

My intention is to have my annual review meeting tomorrow and then prepare the draft copies of the information for the Ethics Committee and email this to my supervisors for comment.

I also met earlier in the week with an interesting colleague who presented a workshop on data protection. I had a brief conversation with him but am going to discuss further the potential for secure online interviews using the University system. He has also offered me the opportunity to set up a test interview with him to try out the secure saving of conversations.

Signing off