Monday, 10 May 2010

Annual Review

The time has come again for my annual review - Thursday this week I will be reviewing the year and my progress.

So where am I? Two interviews under my belt and another planned for Thursday afternoon. The interview technique is challenging and I have found that in order to gather the data I want I am adapting the BNIM method more and more. The first phase works well - using the SQUIN means there is am open opportunity to tell their story. In accordance with the method the second part of the interview develops particular incident narratives to explore aspects of their story further.
Another 7 interviews are planned for early June so Iam hoping there are no cancellations and these go to plan.

The next step after the interviews are to transcribe the interviews and email these back to the participant. At this time the particpants will be asked if they would like to take part in an online follow up interview, having found a 'chat room' environment that meets my needs.

to be continued.....