Saturday, 10 January 2009

A meeting of minds!

Manchester Piccadilly is a great place for a meeting, cafes, shops and no long walk to the train home! Having the opportunity to discuss a number of key issues relating to my study really clarified things for me. Duncan is a key figure in the history of learning disability nursing and was able to talk me through my study and offer advice and guidance. I came away from the meeting clear that it was the voice of the 'ordinary' learning disability nurse that I wanted to hear and that I wanted to enable their stories to be told without prejudice. I was able to question my own assumptions about what may come out of the study and to put those to one side and use a biographical narrative method (Wengraph 2001) which would support this. Using this type of method allows freedom to explore aspects of the individuals life by framing a very broad question or statement to trigger the narrative.

Sampling has been another thought provoking area, I want to take my sample from a social networking site for a range of reasons (I may discuss another time). I also want to offer my research participants the opportunity to use the Internet to 'follow up' their interview should they want to. This will need careful ethical consideration.

I will be writing about this further but enough for now


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